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Kate Minogue, Executive Assistant Career Strategist
Executive Assistant Career Strategist
Are You Managing Up Yet?

Are You Managing Up Yet?

Managing up is an essential tool to have in your executive assistant toolkit. Learning how to effectively influence people above you in the reporting chain not only makes you better at your job, but also unlocks new opportunities in your career. Bottom line … employers want Executive Assistants who can influence a person of authority — even when your position doesn’t carry much authority. The problem is, you haven’t been trained to manage up. So,…

My Biggest Mistake as an Executive Assistant

My biggest mistake as an executive assistant came within my first year of joining a global pharmaceutical company. Here’s a story of a hard lesson I learned that ended up being a blessing. The blunder wasn’t a technical error, but rather a faulty response in my soft skills when a problem arose. It was an ego-bruising lesson in ownership that I’m grateful for. What I learned that day has infused my approach to every snafu…

Do This When Procrastination Strikes

Let’s face it… you might really enjoy your job as an Executive Assistant, but there will still be tasks every now and then that you simply Don’t. Want. To Do. When procrastination strikes, where do you find the inspiration to shift out of “I’ll do it later” mode and into action?

The 4 T's of Managing Up

The 4 T’s of Managing Up

If you haven’t read my last blog about why and when to manage up, it’s a good primer for this one. Now it’s time to learn what I call the 4 T’s of managing up — exactly how you’ll do it and make it look easy. Topic: Get Clear About the What and the Why Clarity is the first step to making anything happen. Imagine that your boss is the hero of a challenge you’d…

A Trick for Exec Assistants to Figure Out What They Want To Do

A Trick for Exec Assistants to Figure Out What They Want To Do

When it comes to your career, do you know what you want? Having a career you love starts with knowing what you want to do. But what if you’re not clear on that? How do you go about figuring out what you want? As an Executive Assistant, it can be particularly challenging to figure out what you want to do. You’re likely a person with a lot of different skills and interests, with the ability…

From Admin Assistant to 6-Figure Work/Life Balance

EA BreakThrough Story #1: from Admin Assistant to 6-Figure Work/Life Balance

In this series, I share true stories of executive assistants who’ve made leaps to their next level – a new place in their career and their life that’s more aligned with what they truly want. These stories offer a glimpse of what’s possible when you know what you want – and make bold choices to go after it! Read on for this EA Breakthrough story about a badass woman who: Switched fields Built a work-life…