Helping executive assistants break through the limitations of their role and advance to their next level with confidence

Kate Minogue, Executive Assistant Career Strategist
Executive Assistant Career Strategist


Being an Executive Assistant can feel like a high pressure job with nowhere to go.

You can make anything happen for your boss.

But when it comes to figuring out the next step for your own career, it’s a lot harder.

You’re highly valued for the way you solve problems, meet challenges head on, and build relationships with all kinds of people.

Still, you don’t see your role as an Executive Assistant as a forever position. You know deep down that this job is a stepping stone to something else.

But what? And how to get there?

If you’re feeling stuck, let me help! Start now by downloading my free guide: 4 Steps to Break Through the Limitations of Your Executive Assistant Role.

4 Steps to Break Through the Limitations of Your Executive Assistant Role

4 Steps to Break Through The Limitations of Your Executive Assistant Role

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